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Silky Crayon 12 Pcs

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The Silky Crayons are smooth, vibrant, and minimally messy, making them the perfect choice for preschoolers who love to create art. They feature chunky, extra-long barrels and textured centers that glide easily across paper, drying quickly to reduce smudging on hands and arms. The Silky Crayons provide hours of artistic fun and are a fabulous addition to any family's art bin!


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The Silky Crayons have been specifically designed to meet the needs of preschoolers who enjoy creating art. They are smooth, vibrant, and minimally messy, with chunky, extra-long barrels that are easy for small hands to hold and textured centers that glide smoothly across paper. The Silky Crayons dry quickly, reducing the risk of smudging on hands and arms, and provide hours of artistic fun.

The Silky Crayons are made with high-quality materials that ensure their performance and longevity. They feature bright, bold colors that inspire creativity and imagination, and their thick, smooth application is a delight to use. These crayons are perfect for coloring, drawing, and other artistic activities, both at home and in the classroom.

With their minimally messy nature, the Silky Crayons are a great choice for parents who want to encourage their child's creativity without having to worry about a big clean-up. The chunky, extra-long barrels are easy for small hands to grip, and the textured centers provide a comfortable and smooth drawing experience.


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